Our Affiliate Program

  • 5% Recurring Commission Per Successful Order on HP-200 Package
  • 10% Recurring Commission Per Successful Order on all other Packages
  • $10 USD Minimum Withdrawal Amount
When you refer someone to our website with your unique referral ID, a cookie is placed on their computer containing this ID so if they bookmark the site and come back later you will still receive the commission.

Terms and Conditions:
30 day delay period
A 30 day waiting period is applied after your clients purchases a package before your account receives the credit. It is the number of days the referred customer must stay with JNS Host before the affiliate (you) receives commission. If the order is cancelled before the 30 days, then the affiliate (you) will not receive commission. This is to allow for failed payment or any money back guarantees. Basically, you get paid when we can confirm that we have been paid.
Recurring Payment
Your commission will be paid either monthly, quartly, semi-annually or annually. This is dependant on which billing cycle your referred client signed up with.
Payout Amount
Once your payout level is reached a Request Withdrawal button will appear which, when clicked will open a support ticket, prompting JNS Host to pay the balance.

Please download the full Terms and Conditions here.

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