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  • Personal Customer SupportOur customer support team is available 24/7 to solve all your problems.
  • Highly Experienced StaffWe have many years experience in the Web Hosting Industry
  • Trusted Worldwide Network ReliabilityWe use fully redundant, high speed network infrastructure.
  • Safe and SecureWe have the best security features to protect your content and keep the viruses and bugs away.
  • Money Back Guarantee14 day, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • High Quality HardwareWe only use Enterprise grade hardware.

1-Click Installation Scripts

All our hosting packages come with Softaculous. Softaculous lets you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them.

Safe and Secure

JNS Host monitors the servers 24/7 and constantly makes adjustment to keep intruders and virus out.

Control Panel

All Shared and Reseller web hosting use DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is stable, user friendly control panel. It allows you to manage your hosting account with ease.

RAID Storage

All our hard drives use RAID configuration. That means your data is stored on multiple drives to provide no downtime in the event of hard drive failure.

Faster Network

All hosting plans are on servers with fully redundant 1 Gbit Networks

What is Web Hosting

If you wish to start your own website, one where you can present your products or services for sale, then you'll require a subscription to a web hosting service. A web hosting service works over the internet, or World Wide Web (www), and anyone with your URL or Uniform Resource Locator, basically your pertinent web address, can visit your website and see what you have on your web pages. Customers will be able to order your products, or services, either through download or an E-commerce site.

A web hosting company will have their own set of servers where website information is stored. They'll lease portions of their servers out to web developers, through a monthly hosting plan. Monthly hosting plans can be as simple or as complex as one needs. These servers may be owned by the web hosting company, or purchased by the clients. These facilities are often called data centers, and they house all required hardware used in the running of the internet. A web host provides the server space and the internet connectivity, so that visitors can visit and interact with these sites.

Depending on the complexity of your business, it will depend on the complexity of the web hosting services required. Many hosts allow one free web listing comprising of basic information such as logo, business name, and basic contact information such as address, telephone number, and possibly a map. Many web hosts also provide free templates for personal or business use. Once the site has been published, or become active online, the site will be listed under the web host's URL.

Most legitimate businesses do better with their own URL, as it can also ease the way for customers to find your business online. For example, webhost.com/yourname is a lot harder for your client to find than a simple business.com URL. A web host will also provide this additional service, so you can register for your own specific domain name. Sometimes a web surfer will blindly type in a URL, so if yours is simple and easy to find, you're already a step up in marketing your site from the beginning.

A web host can also provide more than just hosting services and templates. If a business requires a complex website, such as an e-commerce site, their programmers can set this up as well. They can also add complex scripts to your site to make it more interactive with customers. Websites that require collecting a lot of information will require database support. Application development platforms such as PHP, ColdFusion, Java, and Ruby on Rails are complex application tools that can add greater functionality to a website.

Finding the best web host for your website will help ease the transition from starting with nothing, to having your own fully operational online website. A good web host will not only provide a monthly subscription plan, but also offer domain name registration, email accounts, website templates, script installation, and more.

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